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From the Ground Up: Mitra Javadi

Meet Mitra Javadi (@lovebymj on Instagram), Mitra is originally from Stockholm but moved to New York City to pursue freelance PR. We met through a close friend Viktoria Dahlberg (you might remember we featured her here!) and adored her punk-fem look. We met up with Mitra at her West Village apartment to photograph three of her favorite looks, from the ground up.

“Everyone is always saying to me ‘Aw you are so cute!’ so I think this look and these shoes give me a cooler vibe. I like the cute dress with a colorful, leopard print shoe.”

"When I was younger I just didn’t care… I wore crazy clothes! Then I went through a personal crisis and started wearing just black and white… Finally I met my New York City roommate and she was crazy with color and prints and I think that affected me because we would always go thrift shopping and find all this weird stuff on sale and then I think I started getting back to my original style. It was a sign of being myself again."

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“I live in these shoes because I am so short. They make me tall plus they are comfortable because they’re flat. One time I had a guy say to me ‘You look good but what are you wearing?!’ I like when a guy appreciates my style, when they don’t I just think they’re basic!”

"In New York everyone looks the same, because everyone has different style, but if you were to put one person from New York in Stockholm they would really stand out. That inspired me to wear whatever I want and not care, because at the end of the day it’s not about how you look it’s about how you feel."

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“My mom is like me but she grew up in a ‘hush hush’ village in the North of Iran and she wasn’t allowed to express herself. Growing up she told me I was always too crazy…I was a rebel. But then I got older and her sisters told me that I remind them so much of my mom. Now I think we understand each other and she encourages my self expressions… which I usually do through shoes.”

"All my bracelets have memories. The pink one has a good story…my friend and I went to a psychic after a night out and she was such a scam! We didn’t want to pay more she told me that someone put the evil eye on me. So when I got home I started to panic. My roomie and I started googling what would help and we found this Chinese website that told me that if I had a pink crystal ball bracelet it would protect you. My roommate realized she had one! So we found it… and now I wear it everyday!"

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