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From the Ground Up: Lauren Eggertsen

Meet Lauren Eggertsen (@laurenegg on Instagram), a New York City transplant from Orange County, CA. She’s the Fashion Editor at Who What Wear and has a knack for discovering up and coming brands. We documented three of her favorite looks, from the ground up.

“Ever since I moved to New York I started investing in designers I actually love. I think hunting for these special pieces is exciting, waiting for items I love to go on sale, etc. I typically buy shoes on The RealReal. I’ll spend hours digging through the pages and opening a million tabs (that’s the best way to do it!) and then will go back through and edit. These were only $90 and the ’90s strappy sandal is having such a moment right now so I had to buy them. Even though they’re colorful, the silhouette is so simple so they really go with everything.”

"Right when I moved here, I walked into Opening Ceremony to see what new brands they were stocking. Right away I saw this bag hanging there, immediately grabbed it and brought it to the register. I didn’t even ask the price; I knew I had to have it. Apparently, they had just put it on the floor and the designer’s name was Susan Alexandra. After that I looked up Susan on Instagram and messaged her: ‘I just bought your bag at Opening Ceremony, WHO ARE YOU?!” She is based in New York and all of her handbags are made here in the city by retired Chinese women. Anyway, since then, we’ve become great friends. I love discovering new designers — it’s probably my favorite part of my job."

Shop the look: Shoes, Dolce & Gabbana (similar) | Dress, Rixo London | Bag, Susan Alexandra

“Ever since I was little my aunt has been a huge fashion inspiration for me. I feel like my whole childhood we would talk about shoes and clothes and the like. Even now she’ll text me for my opinion on certain pieces she’s shopping for. She was always so funky with her personal style—she never cared (and still doesn’t) about what other people thought. Growing up with her confidence by my side, watching people poke fun at her for crazy haircuts and outfits and hearing her response of ‘I don’t care I like it’, has helped me to not think too much about things, especially when it comes to my own personal style. If I like it, I am going to wear it, and that’s that.”

"I don’t always dress to flatter my body type, which is an unpopular opinion. I don’t try to not flatter it, per say, but I’m not going to pass on the opportunity to wear an oversized pant because it doesn’t make me look as skinny as I could. That’s how it’s going to look on me and that’s okay. I also always try and think about the fact that no one is thinking about you and your appearance as much as you are. When you see someone with a dope outfit on you’re not like oh that’s drowning her, or where is her waist—no one cares."

Shop the look: Shoes, Maryam Nassir Zadeh | Pants, Kitri | Shirt, Pamplemousse (similar) | Jacket, Kitri | Bag, Staud

“I love these Vans because of the contrasting check prints. People always stop me on the street and ask where I got them since they are different than the usual Vans check that everyone owns. I’m not a huge sneaker person but I’ve started to embrace the shoe more after moving to New York. I love wearing these guys with floral dresses and pieces that are more unexpected.”

"I wear jeans all the time—I have an embarrassing amount sitting in my drawers. I got these particular Levi’s from a vintage market in Silver Lake when I lived in California. I have two pairs of them and both times I came across them when I wasn’t even looking. My rule when it comes to vintage denim shopping is if they have your size, just get them, because they are so hard to find. The shirt is Sandy Liang— I grab this top when I think I want to wear a T-shirt and then realize I’m just being lazy."

Shop the look: Shoes, Vans | Jeans, Levi’s (similar) | Top, Sandy Liang | Bag, Bembien