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From the Ground Up: Mike Rubin

Mike Rubin is the co-founder of Krammer & Stoudt, one of the first menswear brands that Huston discovered after moving to New York four years ago. We were introduced to Mike and his wife Courtenay through a mutual friend during Summer ’17, prior to our trip abroad for Men’s Fashion Week. They were nice enough to outfit us in some pieces from their collection for our trip (yes, Lexi rocked some of the men’s pieces). Mike has incredibly unique style and we were lucky enough to document five of his looks, from the ground up.

“These sneakers are a collaboration we did with Mason Garments, a brand out of Amsterdam. For the shoe we used the same fabric as one of the bomber jackets from our summer collection.”

"My approach to dressing…Well I think it’s a combination of old history and Southwestern influences that have made an impression on me since I met my wife Courtenay. She introduced me to Austin, Texas and New Mexico and I always loved it out there."

Shop the look: Shoes, Krammer & Stoudt x Mason Garments | Pants, Krammer & Stoudt | Sweater, Polo (similar) | Jacket, Krammer & Stoudt | Hat, 1920s Vintage Stetson (similar)

“The boots are caiman skin – they aren’t like any other cowboy boot because the leather is just so high quality and they feel worn in when you buy them. To me they are the Cadillac of cowboy boots. The brand was started in the 1880s and they’ve been employing skilled craftsman for ages. If you’re from anywhere in the South you know they’re like the go-to shoe for oil barons – a status symbol. They’re legendary.”

"I started wearing hats like this back in the day when I was working for a delivery service in Santa Ana, California. I always wore this kind of a cap when I was riding to work on my moped."

Shop the look: Shoes, Lucchese (similar) | Pants, Krammer & Stoudt | Top, Krammer & Stoudt | Jacket, Krammer & Stoudt | Hat, Kangol

“These shoes are pskaufman, a shoe designer and friend of ours from Los Angeles. He actually provided the shoes for our very first runway show at a train station in L.A. The soles are made out of Goodyear tires. Now I just need the motorcycle…”

"The jacket was new when I bought it but it’s vintage now. I got it in the early ‘80s and I customized it – I removed some stuff from the original silhouette and taped artwork from t-shirts we made for our AW ’17 show."

Shop the look: Shoes, pskaufman | Pants, Polo (similar) | Belt, Leather from a Flea Market in Long Beach & Gifted Buckle (similar) | Top, Vintage Black Sabbath Tour Tee (similar) | Jacket, Vintage (similar) | Hat, Borsalino (similar)

“The shoes are new!” *Side note from ShoesOf… we brought Mike these shoes as a gift because we thought he might like them. He slid them on right away for one of his five looks 🙂

"I call this shirt the ‘Mr. Cali’ shirt. The name comes from the brand Mr. California. They did short sleeve button up shirts and I was always seeking them out in thrift stores so I did my own version of that."

Shop the look: Shoes, Sabah | Pants, Krammer & Stoudt | Top, Krammer & Stoudt | Jacket, Krammer & Stoudt | Hat, Dobbs (similar)

“These are a reissue of the Dr. Martens Monkey boot which me and a lot of my friends used to wear back in 1976.”

"The sweater is a military issue – I got it from the Army Navy store in Mystic, Connecticut. It’s an amazing store. They have the original Greek Fisherman Hats. If you’re in Mystic – stop there! They have strange weird pieces like biker wallets and stuff that doesn’t really fit together."

Shop the look: Shoes, Dr. Martens | Pants, Polo | Top, Military Issue Sweater | Jacket, Krammer & Stoudt | Sunglasses, Gucci (similar) | Hat, Wilsons House of Suede