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From the Ground Up: Isabelle Chaput & Nelson Tiberghien

Meet Isabelle Chaput and Nelson Tiberghien (@young_emperors on Instagram), duo fashion photographers and video makers from France, living in New York. They are also a couple, which, in their words, are “in love and wear matching outfits everyday!” Since moving to New York they’ve created Cesar Love Alexandre, their own video + photography production brand. They’ve also become quite the couple around town. We met the two outside of the Broken Arm in Paris last summer when we asked if we could photograph Isabelle’s shoes. A year later and we’re still friends, running into each other in the streets of NYC and other fashion events. We met up with Isabelle and Nelson to photograph six (total) of their favorite looks, from the ground up.

“In France we don’t see them [cowboy boots] that often…No one wears them. You see them on young, super eccentric people and it’s actually one of the things we love about New York…that you can wear whatever you want and no one will judge you! I am really a costume guy, you know? And for me, it’s the same principal as a daily outfit…So I always wanted cowboy boots and it was just the right time.”

"We like to pet sit animals because we love animals but we can’t really take them because we travel so much with our work that it would be unfair to leave an animal alone…So to still have the affection of the animal we like to pet sit sometimes, and so we pet sat this dog that is a police dog – a huge, beautiful dog but very scary! So we wanted to make a matching outfit with the dog and the dog was wearing a harness so we did matching grays and blacks – very security like! That’s how this look came about."

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“These are both vintage… and when I get him to shop [vintage] I am kind of OCD I have to look at everything one by one and I cannot get out until I’ve seen everything because I have FOMO or something (I don’t know if that’s a good use of that word I just learned it recently) so I watch everything…so he hates being with me in vintage because I take so long! And he has a very good eye like he can find the best pieces in one second when he comes into a shop. So that’s what he’s saying basically… he comes in, he sees one piece, he takes it and he leaves and it’s usually perfect.”

"Half of my outfits are women’s clothes because they are a better cut than guy cuts for me. I have a very small waist and I like to wear stuff high-waisted so women’s pants are just better for me. I found these pants in Paris at a vintage store."

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“The shoes are from a brand called THEY New York. They had a collaboration with Hickies which is a new revolutionary way of tying your shoes… but what’s interesting is that they contacted us because we do matching looks and they actually do matching shoes so they gave us matching pairs — Nelson has black ones with white circles and I have white ones with black circles. As we are today, it’s just casual and chic and we really love that. They match our outfits really well.”

"I’m wearing my Jacquemus hat because we’ve gotta represent the French! It’s beautiful… actually a very traditional hat from the South of France. They used to wear it in older centuries. It’s very practical as well… to protect your face!"

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