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From the Ground Up: Katie Sturino

We met Katie Sturino (@the12ishstyle on Instagram) on a hike with Outdoor Voices this past summer and were really inspired by her voice and point of view. Katie is not only founder of 12ish Style, a website that proves women don’t have to be a certain size to have style, but she is also the founder of Megababe, a brand that helps women with comfort solution (think boob sweat, thigh chafe, etc). We had a chance to hang with Katie and her Insta-famous pups (@MuppetsRevenge and @underpantsthedog) at her We-Che (West Chelsea) apartment to document five of her favorite looks, from the ground up.

“These are my Saint Laurent velvet men’s boots. They are reallllllly hard to get on but once they are on, they’re stunning. I’m just scared to wear them outside usually because… New York.”

"Twinning is always winning when you are with your pup. Also two items in this look are from the mens department. I am always ‘borrowing from the boys’ because women’s main stream sizing often stops before my size so I look for unisex items like this Polo sweater and these men’s Saint Laurent booties."

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“These are from a brand called Rothys. They are so comfortable. You can’t really see but they are almost like a web that stretches with your foot so they feel like sneakers.”

"I got this coat in Capri. It was in the window of a random shop and I walked by it and immediately went in and bought it off the mannequin. I get so many compliments on this coat, except from my dad who says it looks like I am wearing drapes."

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“These are Grenson, a brand from Britain. I am not usually a combat boot fan but I tried the trend this year and now I love them and wear them all the time.”

"I actually rarely wear all black but I wore this look on a recent trip to London and felt the break in textures makes it feel interesting."

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“I love these Reeboks because they were custom painted at a Reebok event showcasing my logo for my brand Megababe beauty. Whenever I wear them I feel very happy and very proud.”

"I love big prints and bright colors and I never shy away from wearing a color. Some people are scared that something might look ‘unflattering’ so they always wear black which seems like a total snooze to me. I prefer to love what I am wearing and how I feel and not focus on whether or not it makes me look 5lbs heavier or thinner."

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Margaux is my go to for heels. I have really wide feet and they make heels that fit me but don’t feel cheap and gross. I also love that the heel isn’t so high and they are very comfy.”

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