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From the Ground Up: Erica Smolin

We discovered Erica Smolin (@esmolin on Instagram) as we do many other #FTGU features: through Instagram. She runs with a cool crew in NYC and has worked at a handful of cutting edge retailers including Opening Ceremony (which is probably why she has so many sick shoes). We had a chance to kick it with Erica at her Brooklyn apartment to document five of her favorite looks, from the ground up.

“Black boots are my guilty pleasure shoe. I feel like I can never have enough even though you probably only need one pair. But I especially like the unique cut-out in the heel.”

"I got this Dior bag from The RealReal. Recently I’ve been trying to shop on different consignment sites. It can get tiring to go through those websites and dig but this was a good last minute find."

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“I got these shoes from Opening Ceremony when I was working there. I love that these have the pink toe. I love pink – it’s fun and girly. I like having small pink touches.”

"I saw this jacket on Instagram one day… I can’t remember where. But I went to their site and it was reasonably priced and I found some other cool stuff."

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“I feel like I’m never wearing open toe shoes and it’s hard for me to find a pair that I feel like I have to have. I found these and they felt extra special – I like the simplicity.”

"I got the bag at Woodbury Commons outlet mall – it’s like two hours outside of the city and they have pretty much every brand you can think of."

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“These are not a go-to shoe for me. They’re an outlier piece that I usually wouldn’t go for but they have a sexy look that I liked. I don’t have anything else like it.”

"Anything besides shoes I’ll buy vintage or on eBay but when it comes to footwear, you can really tell the difference between high quality and not. So, shoes? I’m willing to invest in high end brands."

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“When I come home late at night on the weekend I struggle to get these off! I always forget how difficult they are. I usually have to sit down and use all my force. But they’re super easy to walk in, and they give me height.”

"The laces are a little tricky on these because of the buckles! You have to be strategic with these ones."

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