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From the Ground Up: Babba Rivera

Babba Rivera (@babba.c on Instagram) is founder of BY BABBA (@by.babba), co-founder of HER USA (her.usa) and the girl crush of pretty much anyone who follows Babba’s personal IG account. She’s also got a unique lineup of shoes from niche brands we had never heard of before meeting up with her at her East Village apartment. Take a look at five of her favorite looks, from the ground up.

“I like to dress with a bit of humor – I don’t like to take myself too seriously. I feel that way with the Gucci slippers with the fur especially. Like when I take these to the dog park here in the East Village everyone is like ‘hmmm…look at her shoes!”, meanwhile I go to a fashion event and everyone is like ‘oh, the Gucci shoes!’. So it’s a fun shoe that sparks conversation with all types of people.”

"I love this bag from Anya Hindmarch. If I had more money I would buy all of her bags."

Shop the look: Shoes, Gucci | Pants, Stine Goya (similar) | Top, Stine Goya (similar) | Purse, Anya Hindmarch

These adidas are like a sock! So comfortable! Plus, I’m obsessed with the millennial pink.”

"This outfit I got for the holiday season and I love that it can be dressed up and down with a heel or sneakers."

Shop the look: Shoes, adidas Classics | Pants, Filippa K (similar) | Tank, Filippa K (similar)

“I discovered these through Tictail. Reschia does a lot of bold, black shoes. The material is so nice and it feels like such an expensive shoe but it’s still fairly affordable… Plus the sole is so thick so they keep you above the snow.”

"I get my style from the streets – and Instagram!"

Shop the look: Shoes, Reschia | Dress, A.L.C. (similar) | Vest, LXLS | Hat, Beyoncé (similar)

“These are by JENNIE-ELLEN. I wear a lot of Scandinavian designers – even more so when I moved to New York. I think because it’s part of my identity.”

"I love that this look isn’t too business-y… more the ‘corporate world meets my modern world.’"

Shop the look: Shoes, JENNIE-ELLEN | Pants, ACNE | Top, Rodebjer (similar) | Coat, Rodebjer (similar)

These are one of those in between heels where the heel isn’t too high… I can’t wait to wear this cut when you can see more of the foot without socks (in the summer!). I’m seeing more and more of this type of silhouette.”

"I have a lot of these bags – I love them! They’re all very affordable."

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