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From the Ground Up: Jovel Roystan

NYC-based creative Jovel Roystan (@jovelroystan) runs a popular blog while working full time for ASOS. We documented five of his favorite looks, from the ground up.

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"I added a varsity letterman from my cousin which I brought home with me from Texas. I love that bad boy."

“The Acronym’s are perfection. I don’t need to say anything else about that.”

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"The pullover is one of my favorite pieces I own because it has these panels on the side."

“This is a new color-way they just dropped which is pretty sick. Again, these have a sporty feel.”

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"I think the shoes blend well with the coat. It’s sporty but relaxed – masculine but flashy."

“I got really obsessed with the Tubulars…I have three pairs. I like these because they are cream and pink and pink has been trending for guys lately. It’s another sporty meets stylish look.”

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"I love that this look isn’t matchy-matchy. Usually I’m really fine with things being coordinated but sometimes I like to mix it up."

“I like how this silhouette is simple, which is more toned down than the high top boots that they had in this color-way. Those would have been too flashy.”

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"I love this head-to-toe look from Matiere."

“I really love these shoes because they’re clean and comfortable. I’m hard on my shoes so they get dirty easily but I told myself I wanted a nice pair of white sneakers and this was the first pair I found. Ya I love ’em.”