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From the Ground Up: Yasmin & Kai Suteja

Yasmin & Kai Suteja are a brother and sister duo based in Australia. Yasmin runs a creative agency called Culture Machine and manages her brother Kai, an Insta-famous personality known for his funny videos (seriously good, watch here). We documented five of their favorite looks, from the ground up.

Shop the look: Shoes, Nike | Pants, Urban Outfitter’s Renewal (similar) | Top, Beacon’s Closet (similar) | Jacket, Scapes NY (shop designer) | Belt, Vintage (similar) | Sunglasses, Portobello Market (similar)

"I’m going for an intergalactic vibe with the metallic jacket and shoes."

“I run a creative agency and we get PR sending us product. They gave me and my brother the same pair of shoes and for some reason we always wear them at the same time without coordinating it. The Air Max 95 has become the ‘twin shoe’. So ya these are a little connection to my bro.”

Shop the look: Shoes, Nike | Pants, found at a market in Bali (similar) | Top, found at a market in Bali (similar)

“These are dancing shoes. I’m always dancing in these shoes.”

Shop the look: Shoes, Vans | Pants, Beacon’s Closet (similar) | Top, Unif | Jacket, Friends NYC (shop designer)

"This is my hot dog with mustard and tomato outfit…but actually red is my favorite color to wear. I was always really afraid of color but one day I challenged myself to wear shit I was afraid of and now I only wear really bold colors."

“I lived with a bunch of skaters when I was Sydney and they’re quite clicky with what’s cool and authentic and what’s not. This is their favorite skate shoe and when I got a pair I felt like I stepped outside the boundaries – a girl that’s a non-skater wearing Vans but I like the fact I’m challenging that. I don’t skate but I like skate culture.”

Shop the look: Shoes, Reebok | Pants, found at a market in Bali (similar) | Top, found at a market in Bali (similar)

“I love an old school Reebok – they work with everything.”

Shop the look: Shoes, FENTY PUMA | Pants, Beacon’s Closet (similar) | Top, Thrift (similar) | Jacket, Posse

"Everyone think these are Off-White pants, but they’re not. They’re actually thrifted but they’re still pretty sick."

“Creepers are very much associated with goth and that subculture, at least that’s how I remember it from my high school days. I like playing on that vibe though – especially with these pants.”